Hello, World

Jamie's building a blog.

Multi-colored Neon lights which spell out 'Watch This Space'
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante / Unsplash

This is Worldwide Jamie, a brand new site by Jamie Smith that's just starting. You might think, "Isn't Jamie on a job hunt?" To that, I'd say, "Yes! I am seeking a new opportunity." Learn more about me on Linkedin.

After that, you might think, "He should maybe have more than a coming soon post." And my response is, "You're right."

But this blog started as a side project. Rather than writing on Medium or dev.to, I wanted to push myself and grow my skill set. So I set out to build this blog using Astro, the Ghost API, and Vite.

Until July 19th, I was the Techincal Marketing Engineer at M1 Finance. I developed our custom WordPress marketing site and Zendesk-based customer success support site. I was, unfortunately, part of a round of layoffs.

I enjoyed the role and will miss it but as one door closes... well, you know the rest.

A silver lining is I get to spend more time on this side (main?) project. If you're interested in chatting about anything but in particular a new role in your organization, I can be reached at hello@worldwidejamie.com.